Dealership Parking Expansion

Sustainable parking expansion for Vidalia car dealership.

Vidalia Ford
Vidalia, GA

In 2021, DHE Contractors completed a parking expansion project for Paul Thigpen Ford of Vidalia. The dealership needed additional parking to serve as overflow for their service department and the rest of the facility, aiming to increase flexibility and improve customer experience.

DHE Contractors suggested using asphalt millings for the expansion, an environmentally friendly and budget-conscious alternative to traditional paving materials. Asphalt millings are a recycled product made from old asphalt surfaces, which aligned well with the dealership's sustainability goals.

The project involved careful planning and execution to ensure seamless integration with the existing parking area. Upon completion in 2021, the expanded parking area not only met the dealership's requirements but also enhanced the overall appearance of the property.

Fast forward to 2023, and the photos below showcase the impressive results of the parking expansion project for Paul Thigpen Ford of Vidalia, demonstrating the durability and lasting quality of the work completed by DHE Contractors:

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