Residential Development Site Prep in Lyons

Lyons, GA

Just a street over from “The Pit”, as Toombs County Bulldog's Stadium is known, DHE Contractors helped get an overgrown lot ready for new construction. Our mission: prep it for a local developer's expansion project.

Our role was to level and grade the site, supporting the construction of 8 new rentable units. Our biggest challenge was drainage issues at the property's lower end, but we were able to solve this by excavating proper ditches and installing a concrete pipe, ensuring both adequate water flow and vehicular traffic.

From overgrown lot to shovel-ready plot, we’re proud to play a small role in supporting the local developer's vision, especially with our community currently experiencing housing availability issues. This project isn't just a win for us, but a win for the community. We’re fortunate to have opportunities and partners available to work with that do a good job of aligning profit and hard work with things that are also good for the community.

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