Residential Driveway & Site Prep

Comprehensive Land Development for a Local Home Builder

Local Homebuilder
Lyons, GA
Site After Clearing & Construction
Site After Final Grade, Gravel Drive Install, and Grassing

DHE Contractors recently partnered with a local home builder to provide a full suite of land development services for a new residential construction project. Our team's expertise and commitment to quality ensured seamless progress from start to finish, paving the way for a successful build and a beautiful, functional living space.

Phase 1: Site Clearing

Our land clearing team began by removing all vegetation, debris, and obstacles from the site, preparing the land for construction. Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, we efficiently cleared the site, ensuring a clean and safe workspace for the home builder.

Phase 2: Final Grading

Following the completion of the home construction, DHE Contractors returned to perform final grading. Our skilled operators used a power rake attachment to create a smooth, even surface, essential for proper drainage and a solid foundation for landscaping features.

Phase 3: Gravel Driveway Installation

With the final grading complete, our team installed a durable and attractive gravel driveway. This addition provided easy access to the property while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the home.

Phase 4: Site Grassing

To complete the project, DHE Contractors grassed the entire site, creating a lush, green landscape that complemented the newly built home. Our meticulous approach to grassing ensured even coverage and a healthy, vibrant lawn that will thrive for years to come.

DHE Contractors is proud to have contributed to this successful residential project. Our comprehensive land development services, from site clearing to grassing, allowed the local home builder to focus on construction while we ensured a beautiful, functional outdoor space for the future homeowners.

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