Little Ocmulgee Cabin Demolition

Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Helena, GA

In the first quarter of 2023, DHE Contractors had the opportunity to collaborate with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as a subcontractor for the Little Ocmulgee Cabin Replacement project. The project, located at Little Ocmulgee State Park in McRae-Helena GA required our team to demolish old cabins, clear the site, dispose of debris, and implement appropriate erosion control measures.

Our team diligently removed debris from the demolished cabins, leveled the site, and ensured a clean foundation for future construction. We also cleared trees and applied necessary erosion and sedimentation control measures to protect the environment.

While the project presented some challenges, we are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the Georgia DNR on this important project. We appreciate the lessons learned and the chance to contribute to the improvement of Little Ocmulgee State Park for its visitors. DHE remains committed to providing professional services and to continuously learn and grow from every project we undertake.

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