Hydraulic Hammer Excavation

Rock Breaking and Excavation for Pool Construction

Vidalia, GA

Our team at DHE Contractors faced a unique excavation challenge right in our own backyard of Vidalia. Tasked with aiding in the construction of a new pool near Rocky Creek, we knew we were in for a rocky journey—literally.

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Mini-Excavator scooping dirt during excavation to support pool construction.

Geological Barriers

We were met with an tough layer of rock that made conventional excavation techniques inadequate. This layer wasn't just an obstacle; it was part of the geological formation that gives Rocky Creek its name.  

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Mini-excavator working on-site in Vidalia, GA with a hammer attachment designed to break rock.

Our Solution

Enter the hydraulic hammer. This powerful attachment to our mini excavator was a game-changer, allowing us to break through what the crew called "rock bottom." With an experienced operator and mechanical efficiency, we managed to overcome this roadblock, carving out the pool's foundation while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding landscape.

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The Hydraulic Hammer Attachment

Beyond the Job

While the stubborn rock layer added complexity, it also provided an opportunity for growth. This project expanded our capabilities as we navigated equipment and environments outside of our typical purview. It was more than just another job; it was an invaluable learning experience that has better equipped us for future challenges.

A Community Commitment

Projects like these remind us why we love what we do. They offer not just the chance to build, but to grow—both as professionals and as a vital part of our Vidalia community. We look forward to taking on more challenges and continuing to provide top-notch land development and excavation services in Vidalia and across the Southeast.

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