Erosion Control

Bioengineering to mitigate erosion

Control the flow of wind and water to retain natural and constructed grades on a property.

Erosion control is a critical aspect of responsible land management. At DHE Contractors, we utilize a range of effective techniques such as hydroseeding, grading and development, and drainage handling to prevent and mitigate erosion. As a licensed and certified Erosion and Sediment Control provider in the State of Georgia, we have completed the necessary requirements per the Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission.

DHE is an authorized provider of SOX® Erosion Control Solutions, with a focus on ShoreSOX® and SOXfence® systems. These innovative solutions have been successfully implemented in golf courses, residential developments, public parks, and other locations across the United States.

ShoreSOX® Erosion Control System

The ShoreSOX® system is designed to halt soil erosion and stabilize shorelines and hillsides using a single layer of patented knitted polyethylene mesh filled with locally sourced organic media, such as blow-in mulch. This open-ended containment system locks in specific design elements and grades, ensuring long-lasting and effective erosion control.

Benefits of ShoreSOX®:

SOXfence® Silt & Sediment Control

SOXfence® is a high-performance, multifunctional protective project fencing that serves as a containment barrier while also slowing water encroachment and retaining sediments. This attractive alternative to traditional fencing is often the preferred choice in applications where water quality and environmental concerns are paramount.

Benefits of SOXfence®:

Proactive Erosion Control Measures

Being proactive in managing erosion can save landowners time and effort in the long run, as unmanaged erosion often requires more extensive remediation. Many erosion control measures also improve water quality, which is often retained on-site, further benefiting the environment.

Contact DHE for Comprehensive Erosion Control Solutions

At DHE Contractors, we're committed to providing effective and sustainable erosion control solutions for landowners throughout Georgia. Contact us today to learn more about our ShoreSOX®, SOXfence®, and other erosion control offerings, and how we can help you protect and preserve your property.

Erosion Control
Erosion Control Reviews

Justin Bagby


I highly recommend DHE Contractors. I’ve used Dustin and his team for five projects. All the projects were completed properly, on-time and on budget. The best part of working with DHE is the communication. Dustin and his team are always in contact providing updates and keeping me informed of the status. DHE installed a culvert and built us a new access road at our Farm as the first project in July 2021. DHE cleared 4 acres and built us a driveway (installed two 30 foot culverts across a creek) for our new house in January 2022. DHE also built our house pad, workshop pad and performed the rough and final grades for our homesite. We have one additional project with DHE scheduled to install blacktop millings on our driveway. We have been very pleased with Dustin and the jobs he has completed for us.

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Teresa McElveen

Land Owner

I had DHE Contractors dig out two old ponds and make it one big pond. I had them hold off on seeding it because I wanted to get my old dock repaired and out of their way. In the meantime, we had several weeks of rain which caused the sides of the pond to become really washed out. I really felt responsible for that for not allowing them to go ahead and seed it immediately afterwards, but Dustin came and brought a skidder and fixed what the rain had messed up. He also brought a helper with him and the dam was raked and seeded and I am very happy to say that the areas that my sprinkler will reach, now has little green sprigs of grass! Dustin, I appreciate you going above and beyond to make me happy!! Thanks again, my friend!!!

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